Corporate and commercial sample work. This was a special campaign I developed with New Generation Plantations, a branch of WWF with a very specific goal and two different targets.



Life is not only about black and white.

We are tired of that, the same polar extremes, the same old arguments… Truth is, not all plantations are only good or only bad. Because nothing is as simple as that…

By 2050, /the world’s population is projected to reach 9.7 billion. To meet people’s demands, we’ll need to harvest almost four times as much wood from forests as we do today (projection chart)

The question is, / can we do that / while preserving our forests and natural habitats? And can we do it in a way that benefits society?

Peter: “I think we are in real trouble, but we honestly have the solutions and if we do that, we can show them that having businesses, forests, food and biodiversity is possible”

Well managed plantations are going to be key / to ease pressure on natural forests / and to help fulfill rising demand.

Is there a way to make today’s black and white views on plantations more colorful, / to make them part of the solution?

… This is where the New Generation Plantations platform (NGP) comes into play. / We have faith in the entire color pallet, / we are convinced that plantations can bring real benefits to people and nature.

But how to do this? New Generation Plantations are those that are well managed/ and located in the right places. /In other words, /a plantation should (4 ICONS)

-Maintain ecosystem integrity,

-Protect and enhance high conservation values,

- Have effective stakeholder involvement,

- and Contribute to employment and economic growth.

(Icon Chart)

But, realizing this concept is not easy. / Success will depend on how we piece together a mosaic of different cultures and values; // on creating landscapes where agriculture,/ industry,/ forestry, / infrastructure /and urbanization/ coexist with nature.

…And this is why we cannot work alone. /We need that diversity, /multiple people with different backgrounds and beliefs / contributing to the same goal. / This is the only way to find those full-colour solutions.

This is us, this is NGP, / a platform of learning and influence allied with WWF, /companies /and government agencies. /A place where we all share our expertise / and learn from other’s examples.

Andrew: “no one has all the answers we all have little pieces of truth...if we all work together we can share that…so it’s a communal learning together”

We believe in an ecosystem of collaboration, / where we can create and develop sustainable solutions / to build better plantations around the world.

… But there is something missing: /We need you in our color pallet.

Join us, only together can we plant full-colour solutions for future generations.


Sample Process


Processes vary from project to project. Here you have a sample piece, in this very case my client needed not only a commercial video, but also several kinds of materials, footage and spect models for a CES/ISC Las Vegas.